Monday, 14 September 2009

Old Police Station - Deptford X

Just finished this for the Old Police Station Open Studio as part of Deptford X 2009.

25th Sept Til 4th Oct. 12 - 6pm daily. There is gonna be some great stuff happening on the opening night - 25th Sept, 6- 11pm go!!

Not included in the great stuff will be a set by Slushy Guts for which my girlfriend Sophie is gonna do some drumming for me!!! Maybe it will be like Guv'ner or something, although Pumpkin Wentzel played bass so hmmmmm, not really.

Sophie is in Roseanne Barrr, check THEM the fuck out!! She will not be drumming in this style for me though, much softer, a tambourine might be in one of her hands.

Monday, 7 September 2009


Roller Dome in Chicago!

Looks crappy here cos I had to shrink it - It's frickin' gigantic in real life. See it bigger on: Flickr