Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Promo flyer thingy for God is in the tv webzine. The JP/God logo in the middle was made by Hannah Meese.

If you live in Wales and you 'get one in your hand' it will be black and white, which is a shame, but we're all on a budget and all that, so it's cool.

Pleased with my work I showed it to my sister and she said, "what the fuck, God doesn't have angel wings!!? And are those supposed to be wires or something?" Its not meant to be like a realistic picture of God, just God and angels are all mushed together in my mind and so I drew 'em as such. The 'wires' aren't really anything, but they kinda look like robes so.....whatever, I'm really pleased with it!


Anonymous said...

that's right, leave the black and white version for the welsh :(

Stephen Vs Cosmos said...

Heydoone!! I love the Welsh! He asked for it in black 'n' white!!